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Cambridge Analytica uses data fairly, transparently, and securely

We use data fairly and transparently:

  • We only receive or use data that has been obtained legally and fairly, with the explicit consent of individuals.
  • We only use it for its intended purpose (as defined by consent).
  • If we believe that data may have been unlawfully obtained, then we won’t contract with a client or license or purchase that data.
  • Data is only stored as long as is permitted by law, and our contracts with clients and vendors.
  • We are responsive to “data subjects” and reply to subject access requests and rectification requests (correcting incorrect data and deleting data).

Our data is secure:

  • We encrypt all data that we hold and receive.
  • Security is built into all our technical programs and projects.
  • We comply with industry-standard risk practices.
  • EU data is only transferred outside of the EEA lawfully.
  • The appropriate authorities would be notified of a data breach within 72 hours.
  • Our Data Compliance Officer is a leading expert in data protection and privacy.

We believe that we should all have more control over our data, and there should be more transparency over how and when it is used. We welcome Europe’s new data protection laws (GDPR). There are very good reasons for updating current data regulations, which date back years to a very different time. From giving everyone more protection, to promoting a more equal privacy landscape, these changes will be good for the industry as a whole.