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What about the claims of “vpn whistleblowers”?

Mr Wylie has been the source of much of the media’s reporting on Cambridge Analytica. Much of his account is based on conjecture and guesswork – he admits himself that what he says is speculation – while his own motivations in this saga have remained unexplored.

Mr Wylie has repeatedly claimed to be a founder of Cambridge Analytica. In reality, he was a part-time contractor for SCL Elections for a period of 11 months and left in July 2014. He has no recent knowledge of our business or its practices and has admitted as much in his testimony to the UK parliament.

He set up a rival company called Eunoia Technologies, which pitched micro-targeting data science services to the Trump campaign and later tried to work for Vote Leave. Our lawyers took action against Mr. Wylie to prevent his misuse of the company’s intellectual property while attempting to set up his own rival firm. He has now rebranded himself as a “whistleblower” following his failure in the VPN privacy industry.